How to build a Smoothie

Easy green smoothie

ADD FRUIT – Choose 1 cup of fruit from the following

*Grapes * Mango *Pineapple *Banana *Avocado *Peach *Apple *Watermelon *Strawberry *Frozen berries

LEAFY GREENS – Add 1-2 cups from the following

* Spinach *Kale *Collards *Bok Choy *Swiss Chard *Romaine Lettuce

PROTEIN – Add 1 portion of protein

*Greek Yoghurt *Silken Tofu *Plant Based Protein *Whey Protein *Peanut Butter * Chia Seeds

CHOOSE A BASE – Add 1-2 cups of liquid

*Milk *Water *Soy Milk *Almond Milk *Coconut Milk *Coconut Water

THICKEN IT UP – Add these option extras to thicken it up

*Ice Cream *Ice Cubes *Yoghurt *Greek Yoghurt *Oats *Peanut or Nut Butter

FLAVOUR IT – Boost the flavour with herbs, spices or sweetners

*Honey *Mint *Ginger *Cinnamon *Vanilla Extract *Maple Syrup *Cocoa Powder

Whizz it all in the blender of your choice and enjoy. The suggestions above can be used by anyone, even those on a plant based/keto/paleo way of eating. Just choose the ingredients to your liking.

You can leave your own suggestions below….

Coach Maggi

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