Micro Workouts

How to stay active at home…

Being active is critical for maintaining both physical and mental health, and can reduce your risk of many chronic health issues (such as diabetes and heart disease). Regular physical activity with help with our immune system and lessen the risk of infection.

If, like me, you are in #lockdown2.0, you could incorporate some micro workouts in your daily routine. These can take as little as 5 minutes at a time. While brushing your teeth, do some butt clenches or calf raises. Waiting for the kettle to boil – do some squats or kitchen bench push ups. Walking from room to room – incorporate some deep lunges. Maybe some shoulder presses while watching TV (use some light weights or even a couple of bottles of water). While I’m at the coffee shop, I do my balance exercise (standing on one foot at a time and standing as tall as possible). Is the weather nice outside?? Do some step ups, alternating your leading leg. Another favourite of mine is a wall sit. These are really easy, and there is no equipment necessary.

Have a go, and see if you can incorporate some of these in to your day.



Self Care

Do you ever forget to take care of yourself???

Now, in these times of Covid, it is important to look after yourself. You NEED to schedule in time for exercise, good nutrition and enjoying yourself. Maybe try some yoga, go for a walk, read that book, cook something new for dinner or even just buy some flowers.

Self care isn’t just a one off.. Its consistency, ticking of tiny habits every day, to give yourself a little bit of love for your own mind, body and soul.

A few ideas are

  1. Be selfish – do one thing today to make you happy
  2. Unplug for an hour – switch to airplane mode and free yourself
  3. Breathe deeply – and relax
  4. Make one small change in your diet – start by drinking more water
  5. Write out your thoughts – start a journal (yay for Typo)
  6. Have a self date – read that book, go for a run, take a Pilates class

Just like your car, your need fuel to run, and a mini service to keep you in peak performance. YOU need to look after yourself, before you look after others. Take time now, before you run out of fuel and end up on the scrap heap…